Friday, December 10, 2010

Effective Behavior Management - Children

Effective Behavior Management, Part I Kelly B. Cartwright, Ph.D.

Research suggests that there are at least three discipline styles.

The first, power-assertive discipline, involves such adult behavior as spanking, withdrawal of privileges, and threats of punishment or physical harm.

The second discipline style, love withdrawal, involves such adult behavior as refusals to speak or listen to children, threats to leave children, or expressions of dislike and disappointment.

The third discipline style, induction, incorporates the true nature of discipline: teaching. Adults who practice induction provide children explanations for appropriate behavior as well as reasonable consequences for inappropriate behavior.

Research with elementary school students suggests the following four general rules:
  1. be polite and helpful,
  2. respect other people's property,
  3. listen quietly while others are speaking, and
  4. do not hit, shove, or hurt others.

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