Friday, September 11, 2009

want to covey

God is omnipresent, also with you.

Goal of life is to realize self(god) or mukti.

You don’t accept you(purnam) as god because you think you are body/mind. This what society has taught us still now.

5 senses gets input from external world and store it to body.

You store what you like most. Our actions are based on the desires that’s stored in our body/mind.

Our number of birth depends on the amount of desire what we have.

Now(in this birth) If some gets awareness that i need to clear this recycle bin/dustbin. He start using VIMBAR/Sabena to clear it.

These vim bars are Sudarsan kriya, Nithya dhyan, jeeva karunyam , introspection/contemplation.

Its same as weak students going for tuition to improve. Like sick person going to doctor.

What happens after clearing all the desires, there is no need for mind to act. so
it will go to the place from where it came. now one realizes self.

Mind is wave from god(in you). If we don’t have desire/lust in us it pure as its original.
if it mix with desire it loses it originality.

In this journey each will have their own problems depends on the desires. He/she will correct the mistakes and continue the journey.

Actually we are all travelling towards self knowingly/unknowingly.

All are knowledge gained to progress in life.