Thursday, December 3, 2009

Review Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidyamandir Bangalore

Review was given by friends whose son is studying there.

I am quite happy with Anirudh's progress at the school. Apart from good math skills,

I have observed that he speaks fluent hindi also now.

I have observed that every single student is made to participate in some event or the other in

both the sports day as well as annual day - not even a single student is left out.

Also there are frequent field trips, which the school arranges.

Most of the teachers are very good.The principal is also very good and I recently heard

that she has been selected by Karnataka state educational board to be part of their

academic committee (which is responsible for around 3.5 lakh schools in Karnataka)

Also the school has around 100 branches across the country, with a centralized mandatory

training programme for all teachers.The committee members are also easily approachable on phone.

But all said and done, its always advisable to go and visit the school with the child and

talk to the teachers personally and get a feel for yourself.

For standards pp1 (age 2yrs-10 months upward), pp2, and pp3, the closest school is the Siddapura school (between kundalahalli gate and Vartur turning - opposite the shell petrol bunk).

You can call them up at 28525681, fix an appointment for any saturday and go there.

For higher classes (I std onwards, the school is located at Kachmaranahalli - along the Vartur-Sarjapur road - also approachable from outer ring road).

You can visit this school as well by calling up and fixing an appointment for a Saturday (number is 65835859). This is a fairly big campus (around 4 acres)

The main advantage in this school is that we need not force studies into the kids and tut ions

are not required.

Here Nandu doesn't need tuition even now and he can easily pick up the class portions

as he got a good base. Also extra curricular activities are there.

Stress free for parents and kids. U can leave the kids for their self development and they become independent.

They see to it that all the kids participate in any 1 item for the annual day/sports day etc.This doesn't mean that there is no disadvantage. it is minor compared to the advantages.