Saturday, August 28, 2010

Isha Home School Coimbatore Tamil nadu.

We will make sure the child is exposed to every little thing in life. He should know how to fix a bicycle. He should know how to milk a cow - he should know everything”.

Key Components Include:

* Each child addressed as a whole
* Home like nurturing environment
* Kindling the urge to learn, rather than imposing information & knowledge
* Vertical age groups
* Natural surroundings for experiential learning
* Emphasis on fine arts from around the world
* Physical discipline from Yoga, sports, martial arts and dance

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

obstacles in life

Avidya - Ignorance. Trusting things which are not permanent.

Insecurity in us there for every one. to over come we use non permenent solutions
like drinks.

40 mins a day sit with you. what ever outer world situation/mood swing. All insecurity
will go away.

Best asset is Sit with yourself. Ummoveable joy,self centered.

Asmitha = egoism.

Raga - attachment
pure attachment does not give issues. reaction to attachment is raga.

All relations are love-hatred relationship.

Devesa - Repulsion/Aversion/Hatred