Friday, July 11, 2008

Eggless, ghee less cake.

I bought pilsbury cake mix in deparment stores to make a cake in my house.

Me and saritha decided to make a cake. Last week week we tried a cake, which gave a

dissapointed result. This time also we were hope less to prepare new cake.

We downloaded recipie from the utube. It was a very simple recipie.

The following are the things we used to bake a cake.

1. Pilsbury cake mix.

2. 330ml of Moutain due.

3. Tutty fruity 4 colors.

We mixed the poweder with mountain due drink and made paste and added

Tutty fruit.

Put it in a mircowave glass bowl. With pre-programmed option in our microwave

for cake, we baked it for ~10 minutes.

We were surpised by a tasty cake. We gave it to all our neighbours and enjoyed.