Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Live conflict free and stay young for ever

Gap between thoughts is SHANA. one unit of time in vedic tradition.

Body made out of biomemory - lot of thoughts and en grams(engraved memories) which inspire/pushes to action. Thoughts - random fishes jumping..

Engrams- thoughts you pickup again and again to work.

Regularized engrams- thoughts which again and again you picked up to work.

Random thoughts + Regular engrams + shana

If only thoughts no aging, but if thoughts and engrams hit then it will cause aging in body.

What is Reason for suffering? is conflict between thoughts and engrams.
what is suffering ? biomemory made of above two.

Kala birava -
left leg in front - indicate past
right leg in back - indicate future.

Past comes before future. ?????????????
Anything going to happen is already decided by past.

if there is no fight between thought and engram is future other wise past.

Aging process is quick if more thoughts hit engrams or more thoughts become engrams.

Stopping process thoughts to engrams will stop aging - is UNCLUTCH
Have thoughts but don't let it become engrams.

In clutched state thoughts become engrams. stopping that coversion in unclutching

two ways to avoid aging Dilute engrams to thoughts or unclutch..

How to Dilute engrams? - (teachings in ASP )shouting/screaming/crying ....so that you can easily unclutch from it.

When conflict between thoughts and engrams -- time started creating impact on you.

Thoughts become engrams will create more tiredness in you.

PRAVITHI - you do in life is thoughts become engrams.
NIVIRTHI - convert engram to thoughts

if you move towards nivirthi marga you will stay for young ever.

Aging is directly related to inner space.

INDIAN middle aged woman is double the age of Western middle aged woman.
Indian woman - After 2 kids life is done.
West woman - there is more to do.

Incident where there is no conflict between thought and engram -> future.

Time spent on past with no conflict between thought and egrams will be given back in
future, like money back offer.Also with time spent on unclutch.

let play and fun not become GAME in your life

Thiughts are like dolphins, if we let it jump and unclutch its not issue,
if we give ball,...... then it is a load,,,

Any thought became engram is game... otherwise game

live life as play fun not as game,,,


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