Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Thoughts for healthy living

Since life goes very fast, we don't find time to do requires activities in our life.
Most of us follow habits which will end up in some problems.

Prevention is better than cure.

Here are some habits we need to follow.

1. Wake up early in the morning.

2. Clean the stomach. Brush the teeth. Keep your mind in the activities we do.

3. Drink minimum of 500 ml of water in the empty stomach.

4. Do some exercise which regulates blood,heat and air circulation in our body.
Walking, Yoga.

5. Do some breathing exercises or mediation which keeps mind fresh.

6. Take bathe - daily head bathe is also keep the hair clean.

7. Avoid having coffee/tea. We can have herbal tea or coffee.

8. Take breakfast which includes more vegetables fruits and easy to digest.

Leave 1/4 of stomach empty.

9. Have juice, fruit bowls.

10. Don't keep filling stomach. Some time when we are idle,

we keep eat something to pass the time.

11. Include more green vegetables, spinach, Dal(paruppu), rasam, butter milk
instead of curd. Eat less rice and more vegetables. Avoid having animal foods.
12. Dinner at 8-9 pm. Have food that gets digested easily.

13. Drink water and do 5 minutes prayer before going to sleep.
Sleep before 11pm to get up early.

-- Must know the goal of the life and keep proceeding towards it.

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Dhanapal said...

Anna, eppadi ippadi??:-). kalakkureenga.

Great na.